Our Company

Global Art & Collectibles, Inc., established in 2006 by an entrepreneur that has been successful in business for over 50 years. He has affiliated himself with marketing specialists, art appraisers, Philatelic experts and business executives. His goal is to bring unique and one-of-a-kind artwork by famous artists, rare collectibles of high interest and rare Philatelic specimens to people who dream about owning something that no one else has.

As you view our website rest assured that we have spent the time putting together something quite unique. We have spent 10 years selling Blue-Chip Art and Rare Classic Stamps, and of course we are constantly thieving to expand both our experiences and yours. You will begin to understand the advantages of a long-term relationship with Global Art & Collectibles, Inc.

Global Art & Collectibles, Inc. has retained a competitive advantage through offering expertise, integrity, quality and long-term value to both collectors and investors. Our mission is to have a client relationship that offers continual exclusive signature art and collectibles and to provide unparalleled expertise and consumer services.